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Recently, Testosterone Cypionate has gained great popularity in the circle of athletes. It is a long steroid whose activity in the body is 15- 16 days, and half-lives from 6 to 8. The preparation is oil-based injections. Because the steroid remains active in the body for a long time, it is able to accumulate and retain water in the body, and to some degrees even more than other steroids. Cipionate is used and solo, but is most often taken in combinations with other steroids.
Once in the body, Testosterone Cypionate begins to act on the same pattern as natural Testosterone (a sexual male hormone that is responsible for the primary and secondary signs of the male body). In particular, it causes a decrease in the timbre of the voice, is responsible for normal level of libido, nervous excitability and aggression, growth of muscle mass. Testosterone affects anabolic receptors, which increases nitrogen delay in muscle fibers, which in turn affects muscle mass growth.

Despite the fact that Testosterone Cypionate has a huge number of advantages, it also has its shortcomings (however, as well as all pharmacological agents). The main downside of this steroid is that it is strongly prone to aromatization, simply put – converted into estrogen. It is a female hormone, it is present in any body (both male and female), but if in the male body there is an excess of it – the process of feminization of the body is started (female signs appear). Estrogenic side phenomena include fluid accumulation, gynecomastia, growth of adipose tissue according to female type. In addition, there is a decrease in libido, suppression of sexual activity, in some cases can reach testicular atrophy. Most of these side effects are easily prevented if taken competently.

As reviews show, the question of how quickly Testosterone Cypionate is removed from the body worries many athletes, especially those who are engaged in bodybuilding and powerlifting professionally and prepare for performances or competitions. But about it a little later.

Testosterone Cypionate is very popular in different parts of the world, but it is particularly popular in the United States of America. Despite the fact that another effective ether of Testosterone – Enantat is gaining popularity all over the world, in the USA remain loyal to Testosterone Cypionate. As statistics show, it is athletes of the USA most often use in the sports practice Testosterone Cypionate.

It is believed that United States athletes give their preference to Testosterone Cypionate not only because it is more accessible than many other esters, but also because of its powerful anabolic effect. Almost all the disadvantages of steroid, and water delay including, are easily eliminated by the use of antiestrogen drugs.